Carpet Cleaning

First we do a walk through of the house with you to identify all stains and trouble spots then pre-treat to allow our solutions to get to work while we examine the carpet you want to be cleaned. Our method is as follows:

  • vacuum all areas of the carpet

  • Apply pre-spray for your specific stains(traffic pattern, animal, grease and anything else.)

  • Agitate the carpet with our Brush Pro CRB to help raise the fibers on the carpet and release that ground in dirt.

  • Hot water extract all areas of the carpet paying special attention to ensure all stains are removed.

  • Place fans to break moisture barrier on carpet and ensure a speedy dry down(often dry before we leave)

  • After we have taken you for a walkthrough to ensure your carpets are clean and taken care of we begin wrapping up our equipment.

  • Last step we pickup our fans and brush the carpet in a uniform pattern for a like new appearance.

Our process is top notch and follows IICRC standards.

*If you opt for having your carpets scotch guarded we do not place the fans but instead begin applying carpet protector for a long lasting, bright, and healthy carpet.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Our process is to walk through the areas of your home that will be cleaned. We then formulate a game plan for what chemicals and tools will provide the cleanest experience.

We then begin by laying down either a acid or alkaline tile and grout cleaner. Generally the acid will be the go to in the restrooms where urine has most likely stained the grout around the toilet. The alkaline will be the go to in the kitchen where we will be breaking down grease from cooking.

After application of cleaning solution we begin agitation with our Brush Pro CRB loosening soil and scrubbing the tile and grout.

Finally we steam extract with a tile wand set to 250+ degrees and 1000+ degrees leaving your tile floor looking new again.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning is handled much the same way as our carpet cleaning.

First we find all stains and take note, we will ask if you happen to know what type of stain it is as this helps us when mixing our cleaning solution.

Second we will dry vacuum all upholstery to remove dry soil and prevent it from turning to mud.

Third if your upholstery is on a wood floor we will lay tarps to insure no pre-spray does any damage to your floors, if you have carpet or tile we will clean around the upholstery upon completion.

Fourth we are finally ready to begin applying the cleaning solution. This will vary from a peroxide based cleaner for drink stains to a degreaser for the removal of dead skin or body oils.

Fifth now we will begin rinsing all of the fibers with our truckmount system the water will be in excess of 220 degrees cleaning away all the soils of day to day life.

Lastly we place fans to insure no wet bottoms when using the upholstery after the cleaning.



Restoration Services

Water, Fire and Mold all things that are absolutely terrible to experience. It is our goal to bring clarity in these situations and help to see the light after these dark situations. If you are dealing with any of these scenarios please call us at (386) 775-0015 and we would love to help you in your time of need.

If you are just looking for information to save for future reference please visit our site dedicated to these services:

Commercial Janitorial Services

It is difficult to sum up our janitorial services as each service is delivered at the level the client desires. Give us a call/email and we would love to discuss your situation.