Carpet Cleaning

First we do a walk through of the house with you to identify all stains and trouble spots then pre-treat to allow our solutions to get to work while we examine the carpet you want to be cleaned. Our method is as follows:

  • vacuum all areas of the carpet

  • Apply pre-spray for your specific stains(traffic pattern, animal, grease and anything else.)

  • Agitate the carpet with our Brush Pro CRB to help raise the fibers on the carpet and release that ground in dirt.

  • Hot water extract all areas of the carpet paying special attention to ensure all stains are removed.

  • Place fans to break moisture barrier on carpet and ensure a speedy dry down(often dry before we leave)

  • After we have taken you for a walkthrough to ensure your carpets are clean and taken care of we begin wrapping up our equipment.

  • Last step we pickup our fans and brush the carpet in a uniform pattern for a like new appearance.

Our process is top notch and follows IICRC standards.

*If you opt for having your carpets scotch guarded we do not place the fans but instead begin applying carpet protector for a long lasting, bright, and healthy carpet.

Tile and grout Cleaning

Our process is to walk through the areas of your home that will be cleaned. We then formulate a game plan for what chemicals and tools will provide the cleanest experience. We then begin by laying down either a acid or alkaline tile and grout cleaner. After application of cleaning solution we begin agitation with our Brush Pro CRB and finally we steam extract with a tile wand.

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Pricing + Services


janitorial services

It is difficult to sum up our janitorial services as each service is delivered at the level the client desires. Give us a call/email and we would love to discuss your situation.

scrub and burnish/wax floors

Do to the scale of these jobs it is difficult to simply quote a price for these jobs. We do have the knowledge and experience to handle cleaning all types of flooring.                                     Call us at (386) 775-0015 to discuss your situation.

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Call Us At: (386) 775-0015