Carpet Cleaning


Our carpet cleaning methods

We are constantly evolving our methods, equipment and cleaning solutions. Our current method for residential carpets is to use our truckmount steam extractor. It allows for deep stain removal and quick dry times. We also offer dry cleaning solutions for locations with heavy traffic or constant occupation ie. schools, child care, and ALF housing. Call or email us today and allow us to help your unique situation.

We also offer scotch guard, an incredible carpet solution that helps protect the carpet fibers from soils by repelling liquids and dirt. It is a truly unbelievable product. Call us today (386) 775-0015

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to you the customer. We want to be your only carpet tech. Excel guarantees our carpet cleaning if you are not happy we are not happy plain and simple.

Before Carpet Cleaning

New home purchase

Customer just bought house and with a toddler was concerned about carpets and sanitization.

After Carpet Cleaning

After Steam Extraction and Sanitize

Customer was extremely relieved to not have to add the carpets to the renovation budget.